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Sea Cruises Exclusive, the unique organizer of day or evening cruises in the Athens area. Charter to Greek islands in Saronic - Hydra, Poros, Aegina and Pireaus Hydra Poros Aegina Angistri Spetses
We offer day or evening cruises in the Athens area (Saronic gulf), always on an exclusive charter basis, with voyage schedules customized for each event.

A day cruise could include visit of one or more popular destinations near Athens such as Aegina, Poros or Hydra islands, as well as alternative but equally interesting destinations including the Corinth canal, Epidaurus, Aghistri island, Moni uninhabited island, Spetses.

Apart from visiting these sites of interest our guests could enrich their cruise by e.g. swimming on an isolated beach, dining on a seafront restaurant, playing games on the sand, water skiing or visiting an archeological site.

A day cruise usually lasts up to 9 hours (more often between 09:00 and 18:00) but depending on our clients' needs cruise duration could of course be prolonged or shortened.

An evening cruise usually combines dinner and entertainment on board with slow navigation along the coastline of Attica or sailing around Cape Sounio. The illuminated city lights, the moon, the sea and the warm Greek summer nights create a unique, fantastic setup for any night event, rare to find on any land venue.

An evening cruise usually lasts up to 4 hours (more often between 20:30 and 24:00), but of course when our guests dance we never turn off the music!

Multi-day cruises to close or more remote destinations, combined with overnight spent ashore in A-class hotels, are also available. It is ideal for large groups looking for privacy, for which no yachts with the appropriate cabin capacity are available. The itinerary and duration is personalized for each charterer and can include destinations within the greater Saronic gulf area and the Peloponese coast.

Our vessels depart from Zea marina in Piraeus area. If more convenient for our clients, vessels can also depart from other berths in Attika such as the Vouliagmeni marina, Astir Palace Hotel dock, Lagonissi Grand Resort dock or Isthmia port.

How long would it take?


A magnificent island near the coast of the eastern foot of the Peloponnese, characterized by its extremely picturesque capital, full of red-tiled houses and stone-paved narrow alleys. It used to be the destination of fashionable artists during the sixties and has kept a highly cosmopolitan character combined with tranquillity and relaxation.

Cruising time from Athens: 2 h. 40'

Sites of interest: The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and the cathedral museum therein, the Historical Archives museum and the Mansion of Kountouriotis, a ship owner who devoted himself to the Greek War of Independence against the Turks in 1821.

Shopping: Around the harbor is centered a strand of commercial establishments, including art, jewelry and souvenir shops, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and galleries.

Swimming: Although not its best attraction, Hydra offers some bathing areas over the rocky coastline very near to the harbor and a few other small pebble beaches which can be reached by water taxis.

Tip: Motor vehicles are not permitted on the island, which leaves the bulk of transportation up to donkeys and water taxis.


A very verdant island full of beauties and wonderful landscapes, still unspoiled and very authentic. It is separated from the mainland (Peloponnese) by a 200-metre wide sea channel. The capital is a picturesque town with beautiful neoclassical and Venetian buildings, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill. Picturesque villages and small churches and chapels scattered around are completing the wonderful image.

Cruising time from Athens: 2 h.

Sites of interest: The famous clock tower built in 1927 and the small archaeological museum in Poros town, the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, the unique lemon tree forest.

Shopping: Poros town has a wide range of shops scattered around its narrow stone-paved streets. Souvenir shops can mostly be found on the main street lining the waterfront.

Swimming: The main attraction of this island! Poros counts on many beautiful sandy and pebble beaches with crystal clear waters and shady pine trees, such as Neorion, the Love Bay and Askeli.

Tip: Water sports facilities in the wonderful landscape of Neorion beach. Barbecue in a local hotel's private beach is also a possibility.


This beautiful green island close to Athens offers a fascinating mixture of cosmopolitan, leisure and cultural atmosphere.

Aegina town, the island's capital and main port, is full of neoclassical bright coloured buildings dated back to the 19th century, fine squares, stone paved alleys and a wonderful seafront promenade with many pastry shops, restaurants and bars. The fish market in the heart of the town, the floating fruit market, the horse cars, the ancient temple of Apollo ("Kolona") and the Wildlife Hospital are some of the town's attractions.

Perdika is a small, beautiful and peaceful fishing village with traditional scenery, 9 km south of the town of Aegina. Built on top of a hill, with fantastic views of the blue waters of the sea, Perdika has become very popular for its seafront restaurants offering fresh sea food.

Moni is a small uninhabited islet directly opposite Perdika. It is difficult to believe that in such a short distance from Athens you can discover a virgin paradise where you can swim in crystal deep blue waters surrounded by a rich vegetation, wild rabbits, deer and peacocks.

Agia Marina is a coastal village, 14 Km east of the town of Aegina with a large sandy beach. It is a popular tourist area with many hotels, restaurants and tourist shops.

Cruising time from Athens: 1 h. 10' to Aegina town, 55' to Aghia Marina, 1 h. 30' to Perdika

Sites of interest: The well preserved Doric temple of Aphaia Athina, dated back to the 5th century BC, located on a hill near Aghia Marina, in an area full of olive and pine trees, overlooking the deep blue sea. The impressive monastery of Aghios Nektarios and the ancient town of Paleohora in the inner part of the island. Shopping: Aegina town has many souvenir and accessorize shops as well as jewellery shops and art galleries. Fine ceramics and pots can be found in Mesagros, where they are fabricated, as well as at Aegina Town.

Swimming: Moni islet, Perdika beach, Aghia Marina and Marathonas are the best proposals for swimming.

Tip: The famous pistachios nuts and delicious sweets made of them can be bought everywhere on the island and especially in Aegina town.

Other destinations

Agistri is a beautiful peaceful island, being an ideal destination for a tranquil and relaxing escape. It is covered by lush green vegetation and has plenty of crystalline sandy beaches.
Cruising time from Athens: 1 h. 30'

Corinth Canal cuts the Isthmus that connected the Peloponnese with the Greek mainland. Although first inspired 2500 years ago, the Canal was only completed in 1893, being a great achievement of engineering. With its 6 km length and only 25 m. width, crossing of the Canal is an utmost spectacular and truly unforgettable experience.
Cruising time from Athens: 2 h. 20' (to the south entrance)

Spetses is a wonderful small island right opposite the Peloponnesian coast of Ermionida, with rich vegetation and various lovely sandy beaches. Its capital is a real architectural beauty full of two-storey neoclassical houses with wooden balconies, coloured walls, and narrow stone-paved alleys. It is quite far from Athens to be part of a day cruise schedule but is ideal for a 2 or 3-days cruise combined with overnight spent ashore in any of the numerous fine hotels of the island.
Cruising time from Athens: Cruising time from Athens: 3 h. 45'

Epidaurus is an area at the east coast of Peloponnese, well known for its world famous Ancient theatre dated back to the 4th century BC, which is still in use for cultural events during summer. This major historical, cultural and archaeological site is surrounded by lush green landscape and has easy access (about 20' drive) to the picturesque port of Palea Epidaurus, where our vessels can dock.
Cruising time from Athens: 2 h. 10'

Cape Sounio is at the south end of Attika peninsula where the famous Poseidon temple prevails. This Doric temple dedicated to the god of the sea, was built in 440 BC on a hill surrounded on three sides by the sea, thus offering a breathtaking view. There is no dock to disembark, however the illuminated temple is an ideal setup for a sunset cruise or a gala dinner cruise.

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